Thursday, 23 December 2010

First Post, Probably to be Deleted Later but Who Knows

I've been thinking about doing this for a while. I tweet, I throw Things I Find Interesting up on facebook, and occassionally I write something that at least I consider vaguely amusing.
It's not exactly enough to base a blog off, though, is it? That's what I told myself anyway, every time I thought it might be a bit of a laugh to start one of these things. Besides being a strong contender for gold in Britain's 2012 Disappointment Olympics (the gruelling procrastination pentathalon being my main event), I just don't do anything worth writing about. As Martin Freeman's John says in that brilliant scene in the BBC's new Sherlock series, a tight little smile on his face: "Nothing ever happens to me."

And then it did.

Sadly I haven't been caught up in a whirlwind of crime, clues and cheekbones with the delightful Benedict Cumberbatch (What a name. Could it be more British?), but I have found myself propelled into the weird and wacky world of comic book creation which is probably just as much fun- and so far, doesn't require tolerating a flatmate who keeps severed heads in the fridge.
It's been a mad journey, and I suppose much of my reason for starting a blog is to document what's still left to come: in January, the release of the first issue of my first published work, in February, my 25th birthday. March, my first comic book convention as a published professional, (which, incidentally, will mark a year since I met Kevin Maguire, to whom I owe so much) my first visit to Chicago, the first time my work will appear on the cover of a comic book... it all just feels utterly unreal.

I'll probably end up writing more about meteor showers, clockwork, the allure of Tony Stark, my love of science, science fiction, 1920s fashion, birds, creepybeautiful music and various other brown paper packages tied up with string... if I write anything at all in between procrastination training sessions. It's a gallant start, none the less.
To blogging!

Now, where's the rum?

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